Thursday, February 11, 2010

A few things today...
Firstly a photo or 3 of our edamame beans. They're not ready yet, but there are pods on the first lot! I'm hoping just a couple more weeks and they'll be ready for eating.  Mmmm boiled then served with salt and pop straight into your mouth, delicious!

The second lot was only planted about 3 weeks ago!

Second ~ we got a lovely, cute wee egg cupboard. It only had one shelf for 8 eggs, but our fridge egg holder ( which we don't use) fitted the bottom shelf perfectly, so now the wee cupboard stores 16 eggs comfortably.

Lastly,  the Dental Practice got broken into last night :( They kicked through one of the low windows, breaking the frame and the glass. The alarm went off, but they must have run round quickly and grabbed the laptop, the security camera (!) and the portable dvd player the patients watch.
It was a total waste of time as they didn't take any of the adaptors for the things so they will die and the laptop is password protected. 
It's pretty horrible, really, but it could have been so, so much worse. They didn't damage anything and the surgery was untouched so really we're pretty thankful.
The security man that drives round told us that there had been five other break ins last night. Probably all the same people,
So! To cheer myself up, I got new shoes! ( they were actually ordered a few weeks ago, but they just arrived today!) 


  1. Anonymous7:20 am

    So sorry about the break in, how awful. I hope those really nice shoes cheer you up.

  2. Yes, sorry about the break in. Cretins!!!

  3. loving the shoes where did you find them???

  4. thanks :) it really could have been worse, I kind of feel lucky they didn't trash the place - what does that say about society nowadays - that we feel lucky if they just smash a window and take things?

    Bella, the shoes came from
    great selection of ( what I think!) are cute shoes - but then gain I only wear birkenstocks pretty much so what do I know! Well birkies and wellington boots :)

  5. Shame about the break in - but yes I guess you should feel lucky - ironic as it sounds. Karma will come back and bite them anyhow!

  6. I believe in Karma too.

    Nice shoes, the chickens and ducks will love them ;)

  7. Wendy your comment arrived just as the police turned up with the laptop! MMMmmm spooky!

    Ms lottie - that made me laugh right out loud - how right you are!

  8. Glad you got the laptop back and that things weren't any worse. What sweet shoes, I love them.


  9. Love the shoes and sorry about the break-in.


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