Friday, February 05, 2010

Mum's last day
I can't believe mum's been here for 2 weeks already and goes home tomorrow.
We had a lovely day today. We drove up the coast to Manganoui and went to a bead shop. The lady makes all her own beads by melting recycled glass ~ wine bottles, gin bottles, champagne etc. They are brilliant. Then we went back down to the village and had a wee wander around. After that we needed some lunch so headed to the "World Famous" ( in New Zealand!) fish and chip cafe. It has the best fish I have ever tasted. It was gorgeous. We had no chips, though because mum is taking all of us out for dinner tonight.
Mum snapping the view

Could there be a more perfect view to gaze at while stuffing your face with the freshest fish? :)
It was really lovely.


  1. Laura I saw your kitchen on Rhonda's blog and it is so lovely. New Zealand looks so wonderful. Here in Utah it is still snowing and cold so a visit to your blog is like a breath of fresh air and a walk in the summer.
    thanks for blogging

  2. Anonymous7:14 am

    Beautiful pictures.

  3. Dan and I had Fush and Chups there too after an idyllic coastal day...and yes. They ARE the best fish and chips EVER!


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