Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mine is flowering! I have a soft spot for frangipani flowers. When Lloyd and I got married, in the Maldives, we had a huge frangipani tree outside our room, so I put the flowers in my hair.
We planted an Australian frangipani tree in the garden as they are much more tolerant to frost and it has thrived. We've also planted three dwarf frangipani as well. But I've never been brave enough to go for a proper one. I've done a lot of reading and it would seem that even though we get a light frost a couple of times a year, if I do decide to pant it out, so long as I put it in a sheltered place that gets lots of sun, it should be ok. Am I brave enough?
When mum was over recently we saw a small tree in the palm gardens so she bought it for me.
It's in a huge pot so that I can take it inside the deck over winter so it doesn't get too cold.
R&V have one at the beach and our neighbour has just planted one outside as well, but I'm still worried it may be a little too cold over winter for it, so a pot it is...for now!


  1. Wow looks awesome. Mine has grown heaps this year and put out lots of leaves but isn't flowering. I have it outside in a pot. I think maybe it is either a bit too windy for it (not many sheltered spots here as yet) or else it needs repotting into a bigger pot with new soil. But I won't do that until the leaves drop off.
    I think you should be OK re the winters. Maybe you could wrap it up in some frost cloth on those really cold nights.

  2. We have about half a dozen light frosts and a couple of really good ones and our frangipanis are in the ground and we have no problems.
    If you love frangipanis check out this site
    They have an amazing variety...just don't look at the prices.

  3. They look gorgeous. I love them too, they were flowering in Fiji when we were there on honeymoon.

  4. I have never heard of them before. Are they native to where you live? I am going to have to see if I can find them in the states!!!! So beautiful!

  5. My husband and I still reminise over the frangipani pictures the girls would lay out on our bed each day when we honey mooned in the Maldives...big love hearts and other about fantastic memories of such beautiful islands...and such a wonderful time away...that white sand and water.......I hope your frangipani always brings back beautiful memories to you..x

  6. These are gorgeous! They remind me a bit of gardenias which I love. Are they wonderfully fragrant like gardenias?

  7. I was thinking about wrapping it up in something over winter!
    Debbie, that's really good to know as it is really only light frosts we get here. This winter I'm going to pay more attention to where they are and find a spot that doesn't get much.
    VV they're definitely not native to here. I think they're more a tropical plant. Native to tropical and sub tropical areas like central America etc.

    Aha, another Maldives person, how amazing were they.

    SA we have gardenias in the garden as well, the frangipani smells a bit different but is also stronger at night.

  8. Anonymous4:29 pm

    I have never seen them before. They are gorgeous.


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