Friday, March 12, 2010

 Wallace Cotton
The new Wallace Cotton catalogue has just come out. I always get a bit excited about it, but this season even more so as the photographs were taken at R&V's house and mum was a model for the day! So it's even more special this time round.
The only bad thing is there are so many beautiful things that I would like to spend an awful lot of money. Shhh but I've already bought a couple of tea towels and some cushion covers. Better stop now.

Here's the handsome Reef

and mum's pages.

Some behind the scenes shots ( I got to take my camera!) 


  1. fantastic - gosh your mom is stunning - can't help but roll on the floor in laughter at the wee peeping tom in the first photo arf arf arf - im off up the road to score me a catalogue

  2. heehee Bella, I thought no one would notice him except me!
    Do you live near where Wallace Cotton are? You lucky thing!

    Thanks VV xx

  3. How neat! I can imagine that was a great experience to watch. And now the catalog is a treasure too...


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