Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Palms are in! The sofa arrived!
Palmco came today to deliver the palms and plant them and also do the landscaping round it all. They were brilliant and made the most spectacular job of it all
It's hard to get decent photos as it covers quite an area, but in real life it looks just like a tropical garden!
It is beyond what we even imagined it could look like!!

The three palms together in one of the photos were here already, hidden in the middle of the bananas, completely covered! We had them diggered up and replanted round the deck.
Where the earth is I've spread grass seed and we had the sprinkler on it tonight. Hopefully it'll grow and in a couple of weeks we'll at least see some green.

And....sofa! HUGE!

 for a bit of scale... it's wee lloyd


  1. It's looking good out there :o)
    And the sofa, wow! Curled up on that on a chilly winters day with a good book sounds ideal.

  2. Very cool! You didn't say Lloyd was a Hobbit!

  3. Sue, that's so funny cos it's exactly what I said when I took the pic!! We were absolutely killing ourselves laughing when we saw it!

  4. Just gorgeous, love that subtropical look!

    Blimey what an enormous couch!

  5. Oooh, I want to live where you live, very nice!

  6. I once had a wee farm too, but I became ill and we had to leave it. Looking at your farm brings back memories of beautiful dirt filled days, and chickens and bean poles and little girls coated in mud. Thank you!

  7. Courtney3:42 am

    New to your blog - LOVE that garden. I'd feel like I was on vacation every time I went in the backyard if I had that garden.

    And your couch is hilarious!

  8. Anonymous7:46 am

    The couch is hysterical!! Your new palms look amazing. Enjoy!!

  9. wow... gosh it looks grand - that couch is just scary he he bet the kids are beside themselves with glee arf arf

  10. Your garden is looking good and that sofa is Huge but very nice.

  11. You could have a party on that couch!! That is, if anyone wanted to leave the spa next to the gorgeous palms!

    And poor Gladys - at least he had a good life. And there's plenty of roosters around here if you need one ;)

  12. I've just discovered your lovely blog...I think from down-to-earth. I love your slice of paradise there. I live on a mountain in Oregon, USA. While it is definitely different from yours, it's also a little bit of paradise. It's so much fun to "meet" others on the other side of the world...and yet enjoying the very same things you do!

    Blessings to you,


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