Monday, March 15, 2010

Sculpture, sculpture
A friend made this for me!
I was at Ness's house and admired one she had, little did I know that the maker of it was standing right next to me! Kelly kindly offered to make one for me too, so we came to a trade agreement - I would make her a bread bag. I reckon I got the better deal by far!
It goes perfectly in our new ( somewhat unfinished!) bit of garden. We love it.

We're not the only ones that like the new deck layout. Reef has decided that it's the perfect place to stand to get maximum ball throwing distance when he's playing with the dogs.



  1. Off the topic, but Reef is a great name for a little boy. The deck and sculpture are looking fabulous!

  2. just stumbled across your blog! Love your story, we're hoping to make a similar move to farm soon & are blogging about the befores in the mean-time!


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