Sunday, April 18, 2010

and now the ducks...
They've grown so much since we got them. The boys have their lovely green feathers on their heads now and 2 of them have the yellow beaks they're supposed to. The girls are smaller and incredibly pretty.
I let them out to free range a few weeks ago. We took them to the stream and they swam around all day but by the following morning they'd made their way back here and have been happily wandering around the paddock ever since ( with me feeding and watering them, of course) . Today they made it into the orchard and seem incredibly happy there. They've not drunk the water I put out for them, though. I think it's too clean, they've always seemed scared of their reflections! Odd for ducks, I would think. I simply love having them around. They make a quaking noise that sounds just like they're laughing!


  1. Anonymous12:47 pm

    What a bunch of sweethearts.


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