Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chookies, moulting, and all new!
It's that time of year and my chickens are moulting, well some of them are, some are finished and some haven't started! They look really sorry for themselves when their feathers fall out, but when the new ones are all in they look gorgeous. You need to make sure they get lots of protein when they're growing their new feathers as they need all the energy they can get.
They also stop laying when they're growing their new feathers.
Abagail is one of my favourites, she's very affectionate and this is what she looks like going bald!
Maude ( wee one in the corner) is also brilliant, probably my best chook! She's my all-rounder. She hatches eggs, moults and gets back to laying all in 3 months!

This is Mabel, all new and shiny


  1. Nice looking girls.

  2. the New Hampshire's look a lot better with all their feathers! But my minorcas are looking good except one who is looking pretty plucked at the moment!

  3. Anonymous2:14 pm

    They are so cute - even without their feathers.

  4. Gorgeous names for your girls, I have had a Rosie, Flo, Priscillaand a Zoe, ..glad to know they go off the lay when they moult..I havn't had eggs for weeks...!!!!

  5. I've also got a Minnie, Jemima Puddle Chicken, Mathilda, Millicent, Sparrow, Buttercup and Koru. My rooster that passed away a few weeks ago was called Gladys.
    Most of mine when they moult won't lay again for at least 12 weeks. Hope you get an egg soon :)


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