Monday, April 05, 2010

Beautiful Treasures
Found at the beach yesterday.
Paua shells and teeny kina - gorgeous


  1. Anonymous10:28 am

    So pretty.

  2. sure did! just lying around at the high tide mark

  3. That's what happens on different beaches around the world, if I had found those on my beach, here in South Australia. I would have called them Abalone shells, beautiful! And a sea urchin.....
    what a lovely display , and to have found them yourself....

  4. Ooo, I see postcards - or giftcards! Lovely.

  5. So many fabulous things. The shells are absolutely gorgeous, and I'm sure my husband would be salivating over that extra spicy hot sauce! The dogs ought to be enjoying those new beds--so nice. Hope you'll be able to post the pictures of the house :)


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