Friday, April 09, 2010

Some wee bird is going to be very happy this winter...
Just couldn't resist.
I got this from the same place as I got my sewing shed and egg cupboard. Basically if money was no object I would buy one of everything she has!

It's either going to go in the orchard or hanging from the eaves of The Pip.


  1. Wendy8:31 pm

    Love it - very cute!

  2. Anonymous5:49 am

    Very nice. I am sure the birds will love it.

  3. Hi was wondering if you could please give us the website that you buy you stuff from as I love the little bird house

  4. its a palace! where do you get them?? do they have a website?

  5. hi there! I get them from a trademe seller - so don't know if it's any good to anyone outwith NZ. But this is a link to her



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