Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A somewhat odd post today!
This morning I went to get the dyson out and it was full so I nipped out to the compost bin to empty it then started my daily ritual of vacuuming the house.
We live in a very small cottage, have three big dogs, as you know, live on a farm and also have cats ( who admittedly don't come into the main bit of the house all that much)
I vacuumed yesterday, as usual, so everything in the dyson is from yesterday/this morning, and as you can see it's to the fill level! Horror!
Look at all the muck! ew! How did that get here since yesterday? Does someone secretly come in and chuck loads of mud around? And the dog hair. It's pretty much all Bob's he should be bald but he is the hairiest, shaggiest dog in the world.
Ok, I compost this muck so it all goes back into the garden in time, but I am just rather horrified, having actaully thought about it today, by how much there is.
So the burning question is....what do you lot do with yours!?


  1. mine goes into the worm farm (as long as the dogs have not been recently wormed)if they have then compost

  2. Anonymous11:09 am

    My vacuums are full of dog hair, too. Yes, I have a vacuum for each floor of the house. I have been throwing it in the garbage up until now. I would have never thought to throw it in the compost bin!! Thanks for the tip.

  3. I've been thinking about a worm farm, but I really have a 'thing' about worms! I still freak out when I see one in the garden!
    Mel, I totally get where you're coming from. When we lived in Glasgow I had a dyson for each floor - no way was I dragging that thing up a spiral staircase every day!

  4. Wendy3:26 pm

    I think that composting is a great idea .... but be warned! It could increase the chance of fleas in the house. I found this out myself after we were trying to get rid of dog fleas last summer. If there are any live ones or eggs, they will happily live on in the compost only to be picked up by dogs again! Now I bag it and bin it.

  5. my godparents in the uk make little cone shaped wire baskets that they nail onto various trees on their property and they stuff the dogs hair they collect from brushing and vacuuming into them for the birds to use in their nests....sweet eh?
    i love your blog btw, it is truly lovely!

  6. Wendy, I hadn't thought of that :( The dogs are flea treated and the house is bombed, but that wouldn't get rid of any eggs on the dogs, but I would think the fleas on them should die before they laid any eggs???
    Jane, that's a lovely idea! I read in a blog recently that someone tied bits of wool to a tree and the birds made brightly coloured nests!

  7. I feel your pain! My cat Mu, is the most shedding cat I know, I will sweep and ten minutes later it looks like it did before I vacuumed!
    Composting is a brilliant idea!

  8. I compost mine too. Sometimes I wonder where it's all coming from. I blame it on the carpet 'shedding" as it's quite threadbare and needs to be replaced soon. The sun through the windows actually 'bake' the fibres and they literally rot.

    It goes to show that you have a great vacuum there!

  9. Thank for the compost reminder! I keep forgetting and throwing it in the bin. We have a goldie that sheds at the drop of a hat so mine is always full of dog hair daily

  10. Wendy7:14 pm

    No - I wouldn't worry too much about what I said about fleas. It would only be if there was an existing flea or two already about. I say compost and enjoy!

  11. Compost. And then I find teeny kids toys in my garden a year later ;) I also sweep a lot 'cause I've got wooden floors and it's quicker than hauling out the vacuum. The sweepings get chucked in the compost bin too, or outside a door if ones handier than the bin (I'm not lazy, I'm frugal with movement).

  12. What a great idea to compost/worm farm. I hadn't even thought of that, but will be glad to dump our fur/dirt in the worm bin once it's completed! Don't feel bad--we've just got the two dogs and we vacuum every other day. Our vaccum is smaller than yours and there are times when we're dumping three of the containers full! It is pretty depressing when you think of all their fur...but at least we're sucking it up! We got one whole container out of the car the other day...


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