Sunday, April 11, 2010

the most beautiful weekend
We went out with Danny and Paula on one of the most amazing boats I have ever been on and had the best time. We left Whangaroa marina on Saturday and went up to the Karikari peninsula via a stop in a gorgeous bay to have a wee fish. We spent the weekend pretending to fish and eating an awful lot! We didn't catch a thing ( as is our usual) but to be honest we really weren't trying.
It was all stunning.We found a sheltered place to stop near the whitest sands ever and moored there for the night.
In the morning we pottered around then headed back to Whangaroa, we did the journey in one and I have to admit to feeling pretty sea sick. Lloyd asked Danny what had been the biggest seas he'd had the boat out in and he laughed and said "These!" However we had a stop off in another lovely, calm bay, did another wee useless fish an then headed back home.
Picked the dogs up from the kennels ( I was brave!) they seemed to have had a lovely time and are completely exhausted. The kennel owner said they behaved impeccably which was good to hear as these kennels are pretty amazing and we would have been terribly embarrassed if the dogs had been naughty!
Home now absolutely shattered and very happy.
Whangaroa, one of the most stunning places ever.

the white sands of the Karikari peninsula. We actually take the dogs up here.

my foot!
My shadow!

Saturday Sunset

and finally the view from the kitchen while Lloyd was doing dinner ~ not too shabby

a big thank you to Danny and Paula for taking us with them


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. It's always nice to transport other places for a few moments via pictures and it sounds like it was quite the adventure for you!

  2. Wendy7:08 pm

    Looks lovely - what a top weekend.


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