Saturday, May 01, 2010

150 Chilli Sauce.


  1. Well done you and Lloyd, looks yummy.

  2. Wow. Do you get through all that or sell it?

    Looks good. x

  3. How hot is that sauce? 150 chilli would make it a real mouth burner :0)

  4. Wendy8:16 pm

    Looks good - powerful hot too I'm sure!

  5. We don't sell it, but lloyd has made a lot this year as it was so hot and dry the chillis have been amazing - so we've given a lot away to friends.
    TBH I have no idea how hot it is - I just know it'll be far too hot for me!
    This one doesnt have as many scotch bonnets as the really hot one he made a wee while ago.
    friends were round tonight and they were all eating it with a curry.

  6. I love your labels!

    Do you want to email me at lottie_w at paradise dot net dot nz? Those chookies are ready for pickup or dropoff anytime if you still want them.

  7. fair bit of fire there for sure! nice one guys!


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