Tuesday, May 04, 2010

 A sentence I thought I'd never write
It's up there with

"I think I'll run the London marathon next year"

"I"ll have the sweetbreads, please."

"I"m off to make some macaroons...again"

"Cheese and onion crisps? No thank you"

"Mmmm I think I'll do a sky dive today, or maybe a bungee jump"

BUT here is is ~
"My husband is off to buy a gun."

Somebody save us all!


  1. Duck for dinner?! Happy Shooting!

  2. it'll be rabbit when he gets the licence, the referee, the interview and the test!!

  3. Why not the macaroons again, Laura? lol!

    I'd rather that than the gun any day!!

  4. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Oh, my. Watch out Bugs Bunny!!!

  5. oh I know. Jeez it's not something I ever thought we'd have. It's like the chainsaw. It took me 4 years to let one of them into the place, but sometimes needs must. I hate the idea of poison, but we have to do something, they are everywhere and their burrows are undermining the fences. And rabbit pie is nice.

  6. Rabbit pie? Sniff. We feed our lil' bunny organic veggies! ;-)

  7. We have this conversation all the time in my house. Being from a small town and in the Army, my hub would like to have guns in the house. I grew up in a house where guns were not wanted. At some point we will compromise---once we have the funds to have the securest lock box imaginable....

  8. I always thought if I had a gun i'd just have to look at it and it would go off! They scare me that much. Thankfully we don't have one and don't have any need for one. Well, I don't think my aim would be that good to shoot the mice running amock in our loft :)

  9. guys, I've never even held a gun before. Scare the living daylights out of me.
    Cadi if we had a pet bunny I'm sure we would too!
    At the moment I reckon we have about 3 million non pet ones.

  10. I'd be running alright if it was my hubby and I'd be fast enough to win the London Marathon!

  11. You are going to love shooting. I didn't think I would but then when I went to a range and had a go with a variety of guns I really did enjoy it. I don't know if I could shoot an animal, mind you I run enough of the little ones over so maybe shooting them would be better.

  12. Oh my God - Lloyd getting a gun, wow! I know he will be very sensible with it though, and I too would be sad for the bunnies, but then again, I do understand completely as you cannot have a bunny farm (or you can but you won't have any veggies). Anders & I now know a safe place to come if there is ever a Zombie Holocaust !!!!

    I did laugh at your other sentences too, and I can't see you ever uttering "cheese & onion crisps - no thank you" either, but the other ones, perhaps in time and under the right situation, after all there was a time you didn't eat meat!

    That said I personally can't see me doing the bungee jump or sky jump either so perhaps we can just sit on the sidelines one day and watch Anders and Lloyd do it whilst we sip on a nice cool Mojito and pretend to be calm - preferably in NZ as your weather looks perfect for the drinks! Joanna xxx

  13. Aww, no more macaroons?! Ah well, rabbit pie IS nice.

  14. Alan and Penny9:11 pm

    Oh Crikey!! Is that to rid your garden of rabbits? Are there rabbits in NZ? Hopefully it will be like his Dad's air rifle--stuck in the corner of our bedroom, minus Pellets,awaiting the next squirrel!

    Maybe, now that I've had my eye's "done" I should have a try at shooting; on 2nd. thoughts, maybe not!

    Loads of love, and as ever, many thanks for all your e-mails and photos.

  15. Sara, it's going to be Lloyd's job, I may never touch the thing!
    Joanna! Absolutely mojitos it is - on the deck - yummmy!
    Penny there are so many rabbits after the drought - the vet told us today that they had 2 breeding seasons this summer. they're digging holes everywhere like you wouldn't believe and trying to eat the new trees we plant. Little blighters. Not loving the idea of anything getting killed, but got to get over that a bit...I suppose.

  16. My husband has owned a shotgun as long as I've known him as he works on a country estate but he hasn't used it for quite a few years now. I didn't used to like seeing it but, as with anything, you get used to it (but maybe with this sort of thing it's best not to get too complacent)!
    Teresa x
    P.S. I don't like macaroons or cheese and onion crisps!!


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