Thursday, May 13, 2010

blue skies again
I know I shouldn't moan as we've been in a drought for months, but we've just had three days of almost solid, and at times, torrential rain. It was much needed and I'm glad it came. BUT the memory of winter two years ago is still fresh in my mind. We couldn't leave the house without wellington boots for about 2 months and it was so muddy we had to walk across planks of wood to get to the yard. Everything turned to mush and I really missed being in the garden every day. I almost went mad, and found the whole thing very depressing! Last winter was actually rather lovely, but if it rains for more that 2 days straight I begin to panic.
This morning when I got up it was still dark, but I watched the sun rise into a clear blue sky. I was happy.
I did my usual walk round the veggie patch and fed the chickens.
Ms Lottie, you'll be pleased to hear that the wee chookies have settled in beautifully. They were in their own house for three days in the run, then out and in with the others with me checking on them all the time. Now it's like they've always been there. Until yesterday they had been going back to their own wee house to sleep but this morning when I went in they were roosting in the elderflower tree :) The others all roost in the peach tree, but there's not much room there anymore! Ten sleeping chickens actually take up a lot of room! It was cute.

Anyway! I went off on a tangent there. 

Because the sun was actually shining I could see a beautiful web. I know it wasn't there yesterday so some wee spider must have made it last night.

how pretty is that?


  1. The web is amazing and so it the photo of it.. very cool!

  2. I'd love to see all the chooks roosting in the tree(s), do you think you can get a photograph of that? :) 'Cos you're pretty good at the whole photo thing!

  3. no problem! It's so cool! The trees still have an awful lot of leaves on them ( less after those gales though) it's funnier when the trees are bare and there are just all these chickens sitting in a naked tree. he wee ones have a tree all to themselves, they go to bed later than the others, but have a longer lie in the morning. :)

  4. Glad to hear they've settled in fine. I had one wee rooster with what I think was hypothermia in all that rain! He's not completely feathered yet, poor thing, but he came right with a warm holiday in our laundry.

  5. Can't wait to see the photos of the chickens in the tree so thank you to Cat J B for asking that and more importantly, thank you Laura for saying you will! Spiders webs are beautiful.....

    Those cows in the previous post are just gorgeous!
    I will be back to read more soon!

  7. Anonymous10:07 am

    Wellington boots? You mean gumboots!!



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