Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cows and teeny tiny horns
When we got our new cows they'd had that powder stuff put on their horn buds that make them - the horns! - not grow, but it hadn't worked on some of them so their wee horns were growing in. They can't go on cattle trucks with horns so we got the vet in to remove them when they were still small. They get an injection of anaesthetic in each horn area then the vet uses sort of lopper things to remove the horns and sprays them with an antibiotic after. It's painless and the cows were totally unstressed, but I still decided to go into town! I am a farming wimp!
These photos are courtesy of the lovely Chelsea. Dustin and Lloyd helped Matt, the vet, as our crush has seen better days and is definitely more suited to a larger cow!
It all went smoothly and the cows were still coming up for cuddles afterwards so they don't seem to hold it against us.

Aoife and Ruairidh were in a strop because they didn't get to go with the others, but they were the lucky ones.


  1. Wow, I had no idea but makes sense. The cows look lovely. We like them and it is so nice when they come up to you and lick your hand - well at least that is what I last remember when I was close up and personal with a cow which was before Dexter was born on a cycling trip with Anders! Your photo's brought back memories of this so we will have to see if we can do this again this time with Dexter.

  2. WendyJW3:06 pm

    They are such cute wee beasties ... I'm sure that they will forget about it really quickly.
    Your farm looks so lovely - do you have many acres? I actually didn't realise you had so many animals!!

  3. Joanna, that sounds like a lovely trip in the making. Dexter will love it.
    Wendy, hi. We have 26 acres in total, about 5 is garden with orchards and veggies and stuff. The rest is farm. Teeny tiny by NZ standards, but big for us! We have millions of animals! :) wouldn't have it any other way, but it does make going on holiday a bit of a palavar!

  4. Farm life is so amazing.

  5. We had out 2 dexter calves done a week ago, it's not pretty but needs to be done.

  6. I'd forgotten that cows should have horns!! This reminded me of seeing them in fields (with horns) when I was a girl.
    My daughter has de-horned goats and other small animals in her work. I don't know how she does it!
    Teresa x

  7. When my father raised cattle we tried to have them inseminated with a hornless bull, but sometimes their horns grew. Back in those days the normal practice was to anaesthatise the area and then burn off the horn bud. Not a good smell!

  8. I dont blame you, I would have gone to town too...........x
    Lovely magazine article by the way...you guys certainly have had a move and a half and a change of lifestyle...well done.!


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