Sunday, May 23, 2010

A little knitting inspiration
Getting my lovely scarf from Etsy spurred me on to knit one myself. I'm not a knitter. I can do plain and purl. A knitting pattern is completely beyond my comprehension. But I have big needles and some wool that I actually brought over from the Uk. I have three balls so my plan is to just keep knitting until I finish them, then add some tassels in a sort of toning colour.
You can see from the pic that it's not exactly what you would call, even, and I would be embarrassed to put it next to the one I bought as the stitching on it is immaculate!

many hours later


It's about 2.2m long and incredibly snuggly. It's just not cold enough for it yet!


  1. WendyJW9:25 am

    You're doing well. Just remember that is all knitting really is - just purl and knit. Keep going and it all just gets better with practice..... when you get to the end you could always just pull it out and start again! Then you would have really put the practice into practice! I'm sure it will be lovely and the tassels will just finish it off nicely.

  2. :) Wendy - pull it out! I've already done that once - it was too wide so I pulled it out and started again. This is the better example!

  3. Laura, uneven doesn't matter, you can always block your knitting.

  4. Yeah! I have been knitting a very short time, 18 months and I can barely follow a pattern either. Knitting however brings me joy no matter what I am doing. Don't give up, if I can do it you can do it. You can read my knitting story here:

  5. 'block' ok google is going to be my friend here! :)

    Hi Lisa, off to look!

    It's the patterns that freak me out. argh

  6. Anonymous1:06 pm

    I have been knitting since I was 10 (now 42) and STILL can't follow a pattern.
    I make up my own as I go, and have only had a few failures which mum has had to fix for me. LOL thank god for mums!!
    I don't think it matters how uneven it looks, once it is wrapped around your neck half obscured by a coat or jumper you can't see half of it. Once a hat is stretched over your big fat head (this is from my mother, on my first attempt at a hat!) you wont notice anything wrong with it.
    But the best thing is that you made it yourself. Keep on knitting!!
    Lea-Anne in Adelaide

  7. Remember, it's the process, not the product. Enjoy the process. ;-)

    The scarf is looking great!

    As for a pattern. there are lots of patterns you can make with knit and purl combinations.

    Start with a simple seed-stitch pattern or a basket-weave.

    But never, NEVER freak out! Enjoy, ENJOY!

  8. Looks good. A scarf is a great beginners project. I'm getting the knitting bug back after seeing some nice work on various blogs recently. Will have to dig out my needles. Then try something quick and easy to get back into the swing of it!
    cheers Bridget

  9. Laura,you sound like me! I have only knitted twice,and the last was a very simple scarf for my son,Zach,which wound up being wide (even though I followed the directions!) but he loves it because it covers his neck well!
    We have an alpaca farm right down the road,and she sells yarn,so I may make another scarf attempt this Fall. Good luck!@

  10. My mother once told me that by slipping the first stitch of each row you end up with a neater side.
    It worked on the scarf I just made my DD and that was a simple knit only stitch that had a pretty pattern made by knitting 2 stitches together and making a new one

  11. well I am chuffed to bits with it - even if it is chunky and uneven - I like the idea of slipping a stitch at the beginning of a row - I understand that!
    I wish some of my friends had winter birthdays, I could knit them scarves :)
    I got so into it - I pretty much knitted for most of the day yesterday.

  12. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Hello, I just found you via Rhonda's blog. I love knitting...I find it so soothing. Yay for you, knitting your own scarf! I love it, it looks SO cosy! It's a great feeling to create something to wear from just one long strand of yarn, isn't it? :) is a great place for online instruction videos. I find it easier to be shown how to do something, and then once you learn what the abbreviations in a patter mean (always explained at the start of the pattern), you will be off and running!

  13. Well done! It looks great and sometimes there's nothing as relaxing as just sitting down with those knitting needles. I'm the same as you in that I enjoy knitting but know I do best with just those straight lines. ;)


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