Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Acorn
This is my mum and dads house.
As you may know, our house is called Darroch Cottage. Darroch means"Oak" or son of oak in gaelic. We have a gigantic oak tree in our garden, so the cottage is named after it. And where do oak trees come from? Acorns!
 I rent it out as a holiiday let when they're not here and I have lovely people coming at the end of the week, so this morning I've been down there making it all nice. Usually I put down fresh eggs and veggies for guests, but my chooks aren't laying just now - all either moulting or too young, and there's nothing really in the veggie garden. It's either finished or not ready yet so I won't have anything . Except very hot chillis!

After it was all tidied up I thought I should take some new pics for the website where it's advertised as it's changed a bit since the old ones were put up.
Mostly it's the garden that's changed. This is it now...
... and this is when it was new.

It's amazing how much everything has grown. It used to be a grassy cow paddock.

I just love it. It's an old state house that arrived on the back of a lorry. It had been very loved, you could just tell by the feeling it had. I'm a strong believer in how things feel. L and I went to see it on a cold rainy winters day. It was in a yard, being held up on huge oil drums. We had to climb up a rickety old ladder to get in and I think both of us were wondering what on earth we were doing! But the second we stepped inside we just knew! It felt warm and like a home. So it moved 75 kms up the road to it's new place of rest. Where I think it's happy.

I spent a few weeks working on it to get it ready for my mum and dad coming over. I did all the decorating and inside work myself. The plumbing and electricity etc was done by professionals - I thought that best!

I often go down when there's nobody there and just sit in silence. It's nice.

The day The Acorn arrived! way back when. It's amazing that you forget the work that was done and how much it's changed! 


  1. Anonymous12:50 pm

    It's beautiful!!

  2. 2 more sleeps... and we'll bring some eggs he he

  3. absolutely beautiful!

  4. thanks ladies :)

    Bella, I'm afraid you will! Unless by some miracle my chookies lay some, which is looking unlikely!

    I'm off now to attempt to get the grass cut - it's sunny but it could rain at any time!

  5. It is lovely, just like your own house and both you and Lloyd!

  6. Its just lovely Laura. Your folks are so lucky to have somewhere like that, and so close to you. Well done - it does look cosy.

  7. What a great place to be!!

  8. Very lovely!

  9. Looks very nice :-)

    I remember the first time I saw a house being moved on a truck (at about 2am). G and I watched it going along the road (there were flashing lights and a lot of noise!) but it got stuck en route to its new location because of some low power lines!! We had to wait until the next day to see it in its final resting place!

  10. it's amazing how they move them isn't it. ours was a real easy one for them, friends of ours did it too with a huge villa and it was a lot more tricky!


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