Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Another scarf...
I'm doing this one in stripes of sort of toning wool. It was raining this morning, really heavily , so I thought I'd knit this afternoon, then the sun came out! I did some knitting anyway, a girl can never have too many scarves. I'll have to give some as presents if I knit all winter!

And the first daffodils of the year. These have an incredibly strong perfume which I like, but could imagine that some people would find it rather over-powering.


  1. Oh wow! Daff's already. You really are lucky to be all the way up there. Its positively chilly chilly down here in CHCH and the daff's haven't even keeked their green arms above the ground yet :) I'd wait a few months if I was them too. Happy knitting - i'm on my first scarf of winter.

  2. Yep, me being one of them as they make me sneeze, along with the first signs of spring from the tree pollen! - first signs of spring and I get hayfever!!!

  3. Anonymous5:02 am

    I love daffodils. I have never seen white ones though. I like them.

  4. yoo-hoo! another scarf! you are doing well - you will be onto other things soon like tea cosies or beanies!
    The daffodils are just gorgeous - can almost smell them from here.

  5. Oh some daffodils (or narcis, as we call them). Love these!!!

  6. The flowers are gorgeous :) I'm sure it's a nice contrast on those rainy days. I used to knit scarves and donate them to homeless shelters---just an idea. Love the pattern on this new one.


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