Saturday, June 05, 2010

A new experience.
We went to Taipa today to watch the Speedway with friends of ours, Norah and Mike. It was really good! Unfortunately the rain got pretty heavy so we left early, but the upshot was we went to have some fish and chips at Mangonoui, which was lovely.
We've never been to a speedway before, it's quite noisy and you get covered in mud! It's really well organised with a lot of safety measures in place. It's all very relaxed though and fun, which was just what we needed after a somewhat stressful time at work this week. Police, restraining orders, having to let staff go, doing 2 jobs, very gory extractions ( ew!) and pretending nothing was out of the ordinary in front of the patients... woah! Was very glad when Friday night rolled round and it was all over and we had lovely friends up from Auckland! Life is never dull in the far north!


  1. Sounds like you've had a tough week. Hope the long weekend is a relaxing one for you. PS - has Candy had her baby yet??

  2. Hope you're able to continue relaxing this weekend. Definitely sounds like it was a most eventful week!

  3. laura's mum8:21 am

    Things have obviously come to a head at work but it is probably all for the
    best -- though it may not seem like it just now. It's a pity but it
    couldn't go on as it was and at least you have 5 days to recover!
    lots of love
    mum xxx


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