Wednesday, June 16, 2010

♫ ♬♪ Celebrate Good times, come on! ♫ ♬♪
do a little dance,get down tonight, get down tonight

Abagail has started laying again. I knew she was going to when she crouched for me yesterday. What a good girl!
What with moulting and new chickies just growing up we've had no eggs for about 8 weeks. This is the first break in egg laying we've had since we got the first 4 chooks 2 years ago! We even had to buy eggs. *oh the horror*
Here it is in all it's glory. Can you tell I am very, very happy about this!
I mean I really love my chickens, but it's expensive to feed 12 and not get any eggs. At least they are still funny even when they aren't laying, so it's pretty much worth it and I know they need a rest. Honest, I do.


  1. You are so funny, I feel exactly the same, I get one egg a day now...takes a long time here to fill a carton! My husband threatens to make soup from them when we dont get eggs...but as if???
    As soon as the warmer weather comes, Im gunna get me some chicks....oh,yeah for the children that is....

  2. way to go abigal!! and oh what a proud looking egg it is? any news on candy??

  3. absolutely squat diddly on Candy. She looks exactly the same!
    Soup! No way! L knows he'd be on a hiding to nothing! A lovely way to get chicks is if you have a broody hen and buy fertile eggs - I've done it this way and it also means integration in totally simple.

  4. Anonymous4:22 pm

    How exciting!!!

  5. yummy! Glad She is laying for you again.

  6. What a magnificent specimen! I'm sure it's the first of many.

  7. Yep, our lot slack off in the winter. We all talk about sending them to the pot, but it never happens!

  8. Clemmie started about a week ago and another one started yesterday (not sure who yet), after a spell of no eggs for ages!

    It's so lovely to find them, even after all this time! :-)

  9. No eggs here either, Hubby is threatening to sharpen an axe but that will never happen. It is very expensive to feed them all for no return but to me they're pets as much as livestock.

    We feed the dog, cats, rabbits and fish without expecting anything in return why not the chooks.

  10. That is really nice to read about - circle of life and all that makes me smile which is good as we have just had to say goodbye to Wee Girl. I might not be celebrating good times as such with you, but it did make me smile.

  11. I think that lovely egg needs an egg cosy for while you take the photo.

  12. Joanna sorry about wee girl. I posted something on your blog xxx

    A few of my girls look like they'll be starting again soon so I am happy!
    It's funny cos the rest of the year we are over run with eggs and give them away to friends and neighbours - I hope they don't think we don't like them anymore!!

    Oh Rose, I wonder if my knitting skills could stretch to an egg cosy? :)

  13. Same on this side of the ditch at the moment. We have about 12 hens which include a little bantam and her brother who were the remmants of a batch we bred. However, although she has just started laying, the one little bantam egg a day is all we have been getting for some time. Takes a long time to make an omlette!


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