Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lovely light...
 this morning, so I rushed out in my jammies to take some photos of the trees. It's looking very wintery today. Well it was, the skies have now gone blue so I think that cold grey sky was just a passing thing.
I love gum trees. Unfortunately the ones we have round the farm are known as 'widow makers' because in windy weather, or even not windy weather, the branches can break off and pretty much form a spear. Suffice to say you don't want to be standing under them on a breezy day.

Now we have to head into town to buy some very strong, weatherproof glue. Remember THIS - when bad things happen to good signs, well the new one finally arrived yesterday ( in two months rather than 2 weeks) and yes, you've guessed it - it was also broken. I'm thinking perhaps better packaging may have been in order after the last one, but to be honest I am a little fed up with the whole thing. I think I shall glue this one and hope for the best but ask for the sake of fairness that I get some sort of reduction in price. Does this sound fair?

ETA the person who made the sign for me has sent me a full refund ~ this is beyond generous. After he offered me the refund I said that  I thought he should just send me half as this seemed fairer, but a cheque arrived for the whole lot! What a lovely man.


  1. Oh I am sorry to hear that the sign has arrived broken again. I think your offer is a really nice one and absolutely very fair indeed as really you shouldn't have to buy it at all if you are not receiving it in the condition you wanted. I am sure it will be ok if you use strong enough glue, and perhaps touch it with paint up if needed.

  2. Anonymous9:32 am

    I think after it arriving broken twice, you are being more than fair.

  3. thanks guys, I think I just needed reassurance. I emailed him just to say it had arrived broken again and what were his thoughts. I left it at that for now to see what he says. I dont think I can be bothered waiting for another one!!!

  4. I think I would want a significant amount back, if not all of it. He's not packaging them well enough, once, well ok, but not twice. You paid a lot of money for that Laura and you should get what you paid for. He'll just keep sending things out packaged like this and there wil be more people out there disappointed. And I would be having a right moan at whoever delivered it too. Ain't good enough! :(

  5. oh laura what a bumma whats the saying 'thrice a charm'?

  6. well lovely man that he is he's told me what I could use to mend it and is giving me a full refund. I have emailed him back to say I would be happy with half - he's had to make 2 signs after all. I think this is fair for both of us.
    I got some araldite so I'm off to mix glue! :)

  7. ALan and Penny8:28 pm

    Absolutely!!! Crumbs! I never meant the type to be that large--but it does the job anyway.

    Your photos are amazing, Laura; a joy to see, so many thanks for sending them.

  8. I think you are being very gracious and fair! Most people would want the whole refund...it's very nice of you to take the time he made the signs into consideration.

  9. Oh what a shame they both broke, they certainly would look great on the front of your lovely cottage :)

    Yes, I can vouch for the reputation gum trees have, I was walking our dogs down our road a couple of winters ago and I just passed under a huge gum tree and a massive branch crashed down, just missing us! Scary stuff...just wish the farmer who owns the property would cut it down before it takes somebody out!


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