Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I saw something yesterday that I really liked...
but it was something that I knew I could make myself so I didn't buy one. It might not be nearly as good as the one in the shop, but I have everything to make it with so I reckoned I may as well give it a go.
It was a small purse/bag/whatever. It had a linen fabric on one side and a couple of vintage ones joined together on the back with a bit of ribbon. On the linen side there were wee embroidered things. The main stumbling block for me was that it had a zip. ZIP! I have never put in a zip before. ( which will be very apparent when you see the photo of the one I made!) 
This only took about an hour and is the prototype 

( I know the ribbon is squint)
I do fancy making more, but definitely need to practice zips. Oh and I think I might embroider some wee chicks following the chicken.

 ❃ ❃  ❃ 
and on another chicken note Wee Sparrow crouched this afternoon - she'll be next for egg laying! Yippee.
here she is, her comb is much larger and more red now.


  1. adorable! And don't feel bad I hate zippers too and avoid them at all costs. Actually I have only ever put in a couple and they never look how I want them to!!!

  2. hi!
    thank goodness I'm not the only one! I sew loads but have never attempted one before. They're frightening!

  3. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Wow! Your sewing masterpiece is beautiful. I have been sewing for (too many!) years and still hesitate before biting the bullet and fitting a zip. Well done you!
    p.s. Am hoping to set up a blog soon!

  4. It looks good to me!

  5. Your zipped pouch looks lovely. I don't know if you used a pattern but if you search for a tutorial there are plenty of different versions out there in blogland.

  6. you know what, i've never used a pattern. I make lots of my own clothes, but patterns scare me! I just make things up as I go along.

  7. Really nice purse you made you are rather good at the old sewing stuff. I would like to start it up again, perhaps when we clear out our summer house I will use it as a space for sewing/creating as I like how you have done that!

  8. Have a look at my Hero of the World blog piece!

  9. Anonymous5:12 am

    It looks great.

  10. I don't know it you already do, but you should think about selling your wares. You obviously have a knack for it and are constantly inspired and that could equal dollars $$$ Keep it going I say

  11. oh you are so clever, we totally love the embroidery loves and licks xxx

  12. I love, love, love your little bag! You did a fantastic job on it. Thank you for sharing, Elaine from Texas


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