Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I've raved about this before...
But want to rave a bit more.
We're now able to get a selection of The Collective's yoghurt.
This makes me very happy. I have one of these ( yes, ok a whole one) for lunch at work. We used to have an incredibly unhealthy lunch on Thursdays and Fridays because we were never organised enough to make something and once there are far too busy to leave and go get something. One of the local cafes has a lady that takes a basket of yummy things round all the local businesses, but as we are the newest place on her round we're also the last, which means that pretty much all that's left are pies. Now I will admit that the pies are some of the best I've tasted so it wasn't really much of a hardship, but they couldn't have been doing us much good. So now I take up one of these. YUM.
They also do Hallumi which is gorgeous but we can't get that up here yet...we got a sneaky preview 
(Thanks Bella)
and lots of other scrummy things.

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