Sunday, June 06, 2010

It's Raining.
I don't like rain much. I do, however love thunder storms and we have them forecast for later today - I hope they come.
Anyway, I'd finished cleaning the house and was just mooching around feeling 'over the rain' and sort of rainy Sunday afternoonishy, when I looked out of the kitchen window and this is what I saw...

Isn't it great! The ducks love the rain! They've been running around all morning quacking in delight and flapping their wings. I adore my ducks. They are hysterical. I had no idea having ducks around would make us so happy, it was lovely seeing them having such a great time.


  1. I just heard thunder! Except it's stopped raining for five minutes - does that mean more rain to come?

    I've left you an award over on my blog - so if you have nothing to do on a rainy sunday afternoon you could tell us some nonense about yourself! But I know they are a little like chainmail so ignore it if you want!

  2. Your ducks are adorable! We love ours too. Our's play with our dog. They keep us laughing all day long... Thanks for the beautiful photos. It is raining here today as well. Bummer!

  3. Anonymous4:03 pm

    That is the cutest thing!!!

  4. That is a beautiful photo, I would love to see ducks running round and enjoying themselves, they are pretty funny characters!

  5. I love that photo. Everything looks so lush and your ducks certainly look happy. It all looks charming.


  6. I love ducks and would love to have some as pets when we moved to NZ. I bet they are great for eating snails. Don't they poop all over the grass though?

  7. Jen, they do poop = everywhere. It's been ok cos it's been raining quite a lot so it gets washed away. They've just taken to wandering around our lower deck and I imagine in the summer we'll have to hose it down!! Totally worth it though :)


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