Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It's that time of year again...
It's beautiful outside, but it's colder; so the fluffy boots have come out of hibernation. It's likely that this is all I will wear on my feet until October! I'm well aware that these are not the height of fashion and some people consider them to be really ugly, but my goodness they are cosy and warm. Like slippers that you can go outside in. Bliss for cold toes.

What else? I've been making these. I've never considered myself a girly girl, but I love hair clips. I'd seen some on Etsy and thought "I could make myself some" so I did. ❤ 
I'm pleased with the results.

This morning we had a pan that had a little bit of mashed potato left in it from last night. Ssshhhh but I gave it to Brodie to lick, he looked so cute with a big fluffy potato face. Bless 

Lloyd and I are off to buy a tree today. We want one more Puka for the native bed that goes round behind the spa. We have been having problems with our cabbage trees just dying. Lloyd looked up what was causing it and it's a disease that has been killing lots of them and there is no cure . We decided against planting another cabbage tree in favour of another puka, We have 2 lovely ones in the bed already and we like things in threes!

Goodness, I veered all over the place today, sorry about that! 


  1. I got a pair of boots like that for my birthday last year and they are coming out today!!

    Your doggie is adorable!

  2. Anything to keep the feet warm but anyway I think your boots are great.

  3. Well actually yours are a bit more delish than average uggs! Your toes will be nice and toasty... and pretty much in vogue I think.
    Lucky Brodie! He is so cute - that face could convince me anyway!!

  4. Wendy I'll let you into a secret, I got mine at Costco last year when I was over visiting my mum and dad in Scotland - cheapo version!

  5. Hope you checked your uggies for spiders before you put your feet in them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I buy cheapie ones EVERY year, cos I cant stand to think what is lurking in the toe area when theyve been in the cupboard all that time since I wore them last!!!!!

  6. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Comfort over looks any day. I think they look great. I love the hair clips - very cute. Your dog is adorable!!

  7. ew!! I never even thought of that - probably since they are brand new ( but bought in October!) Still it couldn't be worse than last week when I rammed on L's wellington's in the morning to go and feed the chickens...with bare feet - only to squish several snails which had taken up residence during the night. I thought I was going to spew!!!

    Brodie is adorable! xxx

  8. Just read your last comment Laura and had to giggle. Took me back to when I was about 12 and put my bare feet into my wellies......... to find a lovely green frog residing in there!!! Needless to say I always check any boots first now :)) I still remember that clammy feel of toes meeting frog.

  9. See there is something about good things coming in threes or is it trees!!! And actually my comment moderation word is sthee - maybe St Hee thinks I am funny - nah!

  10. I've got fake uggs (which I like to call fuggs) too and I absolutely love them for winter time. I also have a pair of the slip on mules which are great for chasing the dogs around or picking up the backyard or heading out for the mail. Incredibly comfy! Looks like you've been getting quite a bit of rain--I didn't know you had the ducks and am glad to see they enjoyed it! I sneak dog friendly food to our dogs all the time too and attempt to not tell the hub, so I hope your beautiful pooch enjoyed the mashed potatoes. :)


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