Monday, June 07, 2010

The lovely Ms Lottie gave me this award - big smiles all round as there is nothing nicer than being told someone likes your blog and thinks it's pretty :)
So thank you thank you and thank you! And right back at you!

I think I have to give this to some blogs. I've been given this award before and took the easy way out and gave it to everyone! I'm still giving it to everyone as I really do love all the blogs I read ~ but with some special mentions, go on click the links, you won't be disappointed.

In no order

The first is my lovely hubby cos he makes me laugh and I do truly love his new blog ( still think he should make the background white though!)

The Lovely Joanna, my friend from Edinburgh who has just recently started blogging and is somewhat addicted going by the number of posts she's done! Her blog is beautiful and quirky and let's us catch up with them all!

Tracey with the trials and tribulations of the emigration process and carrying on with life! Gosh, we've been there!

Bella who has become my friend in real life through the bloggy, internet world.

Enchanted Moments we may have been twins in a former life!

A Country Farmhouse as this really is the most beautiful of blogs

Country Cupcakes because YUM! and Beautiful pics

Mel cos she makes me laugh!

If I had the time I really would put links to all the blogs I follow.

OK now for the 10 things about me. I did this part the last time so I need to think of more obscure things this time...Mmmmm...

1) I seem to have stopped biting my nails! Whooo hoooo
2) I have 2 tattoos, one on my ankle ( a pink seahorse called 4 squeaks) and one on my lower back. Both were flipping sore to get. The one on my back was a present from my bestest friend Diana. Who I miss all the time cos she's so far away!

3) I absolutely and utterly love my veggie garden
4) I love the smell of lavender
5) I only ever read total chick lit. I try to read some slightly more intelligent stuff every so often, but who am I trying to kid?
5) I don't like big groups of people - even if it's all friends,
6) I really do not like cooking, I don't enjoy it at all
7) I also do not like cleaning the house, but I dislike the look of it messy a lot more than I dislike cleaning it so I clean it all the time.
8) But I do hide things in cupboards!
9) We have a huge woolshed that freaks me out! It is a dumping ground and is full of rat poop. Hopefully next year we're going to be in a position to do it up, it'll be like a weight is lifted off when we do!
10) Even though I'm in the garden almost every day pottering around I still scream very loudly and in a totally girly way if I see a worm, wee skinny ones or big fat ones, they're all the same to me - wee squiggly things!


  1. Congrats! It is a pretty blog! :D
    Had to say, if Lloyd changes his background to white everything would disappear! lol It would just be a BL.. :D

  2. Hey there you, thanks ever so much for the bloggie award...nice....I have been wondering lately if I am rambling on with a lot of rubbish and if anyone is ever interested in my simple ways, so that is lovely to have recieved that award. At least I know one person is reading it.!!!! Hah.....and as for that thunder goodness golly gosh, the similarity between you and me ends right there...cos if I had been watching that storm I would have soiled my storm watching for me, no sir-ree bob...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh, my lovely Laura, thank you so so much. I was genuinely surprised to get any, especially so soon, and yes since I have started to blog I have become addicted - great way to download the huge amount of pictures I take and it makes me look out for all the funny and positive things in life that otherwise you might forget as some can be ever so fleeting. I am really touched by this, and also nervious as I am do I have to now say 10 things about myself - thought I had gotten out of that one by telling people to read the blog and judge for themselves!!! For once I am a bit stuck for words....

  4. Aw you 2 are most welcome!
    Joanna you can do absolutely nothing with it. Just wanted to let you know I love your blog!

    Sue! haha!

  5. Anonymous4:42 am

    Thanks, Laura.
    The entire reason I have a blog is for the awards. So, thank you for showing me that I am not completely wasting my time.


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