Sunday, June 13, 2010

We had a lovely weekend. Paula was surprised by 2 of her friends and us. Danny had arranged it all and she had no idea. We had a lovely lunch, a five second walk on the beach as the heavens opened, a beautiful dinner at the Copthorne then a huge banoffee pie birthday cake which I must get the recipe for.

We didn't need this
as their beautiful house is probably the best insulated house in Northland! Also it is completely off grid! They generate all their own electricity - it is amazing.

We had a lazy Sunday morning and afternoon, then drove home. I braved the howling gale and pissing rain in an attempt to photograph the dunes
it came out well...not. A huge raindrop landed in my eye temporarily blinding me! 
Back home now to the hoovering.


  1. Anonymous4:00 pm

    It sounds like you had a nice time. Thank you for braving the elements in order to take the picture for us!!

  2. Alan and Penny4:53 pm

    It's our turn for a busy time in the veg. garden--and fruit and flowers too; I MUST tie up the sweet peas this pm; we've had quite a lot of rain, and now a couple of days of hot sun, and they are growing like the proverbial beanstalks. The gooseberries need thinning out, and I'll have to weed too among the rows of veg. that I've sown/planted, or I won't know which is which! Plus I'm in the middle of washing out used plantpots with Jays Fluid-to be clean for next year! And there's a mound of ironing,

    Hope you had a lovely week-end--what amazing sand dunes; is that near 90 mile beach? Anyway keep very well and look after yourselves, and all our very fondest love.

  3. Glad you had a nice time, and hoovering, ahhh yes, know that one, have been at it all of yesterday and will be tacking the other bedroom today! Two days of near enough solid cleaning, aaargh - managed to find a bit of time to write about it though on the blog to let off some steam "The Wasp Woman parts one and two"!

  4. what a beautiful view!!!


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