Monday, June 14, 2010

Today is a nesting day.
What with working and staying up north on Thursday and Friday, then going to Opononi for the weekend I haven't really been in the house much. I love our house, and really miss it when we're not there for any length of time. So today I will be making it our own again. For me this involves mostly cleaning!
It needs vacuumed every day because it's so small and there are the (lovely, hairy) dog family to consider!
I may buy a new cushion though - we bought one last week ( usually I make them but couldn't resist this one) it looks so good that I might invest in another one.
Everything will get a dust and a polish. I may even tackle the bathroom. Not my favourite.

Lloyd is going over to friends of ours who are renovating an old kauri villa. We've given then a sash window that we took out of ours, but they just had the frame so he's going to drop off the window part today. A window is not much good without the glass part!

So while he does that I shall soak in our lovely home.

Some of my favourite things...
the stone with L&L on it? That was our wedding invitation.

mum bought me this last time she was over

couldn't live without this... well I could, I suppose.

 If I had to. 


  1. Hi Laura,

    Just happened to come across your blog. I love YOUR WEE FARM. Looking forward to checking in and reading about your life there. Wishing you much happiness. Marie

  2. Have a lovely day pottering and cleaning!
    Looks as though we may be getting a bit more sunshine this week after all the rains :-)

  3. Hi Marie, lovely to meet you! ❀

    I had a lovely surprise in the post today - so I had to go into the garden in the rain and get them in straight away!
    You're right - the weather forecast is really good for the rest of the week!

  4. Anonymous12:45 pm

    There's nothing like staying home and doing stuff. Whatever that stuff may be.

  5. What a lovely entry, far more romantic and lovely than my Wasp Woman one when it comes to tackling the cleaning - but then you are very very lovely. Perhaps the animals will come and help you whilst you sing along to the happy working song (being in the country they will be lovely I am sure and you do have lots of rabbits). Living in the city, I didn't even get a rat - clearly I must have been Queen Narissa! xoxo

  6. These weekends are the best. We've been running around the last few weekends, so I too was very glad to spend a weekend in my own home. Resting, cleaning, organizing, and just renewing my own soul by renewing the life in our home. Its such a nice feeling!


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