Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Around the garden today

what can we find...

Daisies, I never fail to see the loveliness in these plain old daisies! They're just so fresh. They grow incredibly quickly up here and also take from cuttings . I think they are the easiest of plants to take. In fact they are the only plants that I have a 100% success rate with. Oh and lavender. I have 12 cuttings taking as we speak!

 Fuschias also grow well here. Mine are a little swamped by the daisies but they still manage to poke their heads out. We've several varieties in the garden.

In the veggie garden there are some tiny rocket flowers. I let this last lot go to seed so that I can collect them bacause I had a bit of a disaster with my seeds.They were in the potting shed in a wooden box. The box had no lid and mice ate them. Pretty much all the seeds I'd gathered from last year and the year before are now in a wee mouse's tummy. Poor mouse was probably hungry, but my seeds are now in containers with a lid and little mousie family will have to find something else for dinner.

This is why I also have coriander flowers!

Finally some silverbeet or is it Swiss chard? Are they one and the same? Just because the colours are so amazing.

I grew this as dinner for the chickens really. They love it and it makes their eggs lovely and yellow. They used to have grass all over their huge run, but they've scratched it all up so now I have to feed them veggie things. Lloyd just discovered that Joseph our geriatric donkey loves it as well so I think I'll need to plant a larger crop!


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. Anonymous1:13 pm

    What a nice stroll through your garden. I, too, love daisies. My wedding bouquet and my wedding china both had daisies.


  3. Anonymous3:02 pm

    I love daisies!! Beautiful pictures.

  4. Laura my lovely - so nice to see you over here and have a wee stroll together through your flowers and veg - 2 pals together sharing a happiness project!

  5. I seeded swiss chard twice this year and only three plants came up and the birds then proceeded to eat two of them to the ground. I wish I had some of yours. My chickens are happy enough with quackgrass - I'd eat the chard!


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