Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I love candles...
By rights our electricity bill should be very low as in the evenings we have one small lamp on and sit in candle light.
I just think it's pretty and smells nice. I am a total soft touch for a beautiful candle, and Lloyd often buys one for a wee surprise.
Favourite smell... vanilla. Can't beat it. And at Christmas time anything cinnamon.
I've made candles in the past but to be honest they weren't a patch on some of the stunning ones you can buy. I've even tried melting down the dregs of old favourites, but they're never the same!

This one is burning down in a spectacular way. And very, very slowly. Always the sign of a good candle, I think!

very pretty.



  1. Ahhh a gal after my own heart...we adore scented candles in this home. We also use our antique kero lamps that give off a lovely soft light.

  2. I agree! I love candles, such a calming thing. :-)

    Have a great night!

    Blessings, Jill

  3. I love candles too! I like citrus smells the best! :0)

    Georgina x

  4. oh what make is it its awfully hard to find a good candle and that shape looks stunning??

  5. Bella, I don't know what make it is - it was the last one in Coco. It's pretty like the one your pooches gave us - it's vanilla too, but it was more pointed at the top.

  6. Anonymous12:34 am

    Candlelight is so soft. I light just two little ones when I take a bubblebath and the glow they put out is amazing. Vanilla is a comforting scent. I also like woodsy with patchouli. The best candles for long lasting fragrance that I have found are the Aromatique brand.

    And for winter coziness, can't beat a candle!


  7. Anonymous5:31 am

    I am crazy for candles and I love vanilla. DH gets mad when I burn them in the summer, he says it heats the house up too much. Don't care - I love candlelight.

  8. I like candles too and some of the scents are heavenly! I like the ones that smell like cookies baking.


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