Sunday, July 04, 2010


and Pea-licious!

They're doing well.

Ok I know the photos are the wrong way round, but I am having terrible trouble with blogger just now - I can't write new posts so have to go into 'old fashioned' blogger to do it, the pics are loading all over the place!
I hope normal service will be resumed soon.
I'm off to eat a mung bean! OM!

oh as an aside ~ L got his first rabbit today. I may post pics once it's butchered. But not sure if people would like that!


  1. Sprouts are looking good Laura. Blogger has done what you are describing to me before but it goes back within a couple of days usually.

  2. thanks Tammy, glad to know it's not broken!!

  3. mmm excuse me if I dont visit in the next few days, I will wait until the skinned rabbit has been eaten......
    Cant you eat a chocolate one instead??? Im sure there are a few dusty ones under the m's bed left over from Easter time!!!!! Ill post you one............

  4. it's ok! I'm not going to - I'll leave that for L to do on his food blog. I know in my head that it's no different from any meat but it'll take a bit of getting used to!

  5. Glad the sprouts are sprouting!

    I hope you enjoy the rabbit. I think we have all become a bit conditioned as to the sorts of foods we are happy to eat.
    I can recommend Jamie Oliver's deep fried rabbit recipe (see my blog for our attempt!).

  6. Where's Lloyd's cooking blog Laura? As a non-meat eater, i can't see the difference between a skinned/preped bunny and all the other meats available in the supermarket! :-)


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