Monday, July 05, 2010

Rain, gardening, eggs and flowers.
Yesterday it rained...all day. 70mm. Which is quite a lot. We didn't do much.
Today it was better and in between the showers we were outside clearing a part of the garden that we haven't touched since we moved in! There are 2 beautiful flowering cherry trees near the front of our house. They are the first thing you see when you drive up the driveway and arrive, as they are right in front of you. BUT all around them was so overgrown with plants that shouldn't really be there, weeds and kikuyu grass that they were lost. Today was the day to tackle it. So with the help of our new helpxers ~ Sam and Jayme ~ we got to work. It's not finished yet, but by tomorrow it should be and what an incredible difference. You can see the trees and only the trees! I took lots of cuttings from the plants we were removing so they didn't go to waste and we transplanted some too.

I'm really pleased with it, but as with all garden things it will look better later. Once we have grass back rather than cleared mud!

More eggs? Two of January's chicks are now laying, Sparrow and Buttercup. Both are laying beautifully formed but tiny eggs. Minnie, one of last years NHR's started to lay again today too, so we now have 4 layers. The rest look like they are going to start any day with the exception of the Silver Campines, Bubble and Squeak. They're younger so will probably be a wee while yet. Still, what we're ging to do with 12 eggs every day I don't know! Our friends and neighbours will be well happy!

Stupidly I took no photos of all our hard work today. If the weather is better tomorrow I'll take some but it will just look like two bare trees sticking out of some mud! This is prettier!


  1. Gorgeous photos. What kind of flowers are these?

    Weather's been dire hasn't it. Loads of flooding round our way. Drought, what drought? :)

  2. I think it was worse down your way then it even was here!
    Pink flowers are gerberas, the yellow one is one of the wee flowers on those daffodils with lots of heads and the last one is a close up of a hebe! :)

  3. Sounds like a good busy Day Laura, is the wee multi headed daffodil a jonquil?

  4. I have got a pic of a jonquil but the one here is more like a Narcissus 'Erlicheer' - except I don't know if that actual one grows here but it looks more like that, the leaves are slightly frilly looking and they flower really early.

  5. those pictures are gorgeous!!!
    :) maureen

  6. I love the narcissus pic - the colours are beautiful. Ive planted some irises this colour to get some lemony yellow into the garden.Hope the weather pics up for you, were having a little heatwave here, but as its now July rain should be on its way soon!


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