Monday, July 12, 2010

My Lovely Ladies

Chickens Galore
I've been spending a lot of time in the chicken run recently so I thought I'd share some of the photos I took this morning.

The lovely silver campines, which are so full of personality, they are just gorgeous.

Having a right good clean. These 2 are absolutely inseparable where there's one there's the other. They're very affectionate wee things.

This is Jemima in the nesting box. There were three of them messing me around this morning, they were in and out of the nesting boxes, pretending to lay eggs.

 They have all gone through their moult now and their feathers are looking amazing, really shiny black. I'm hoping these 4 girls start to lay again soon.

Oh and now for the newly cleared bit of garden!
Imagine that the trees were there, but to about half way up their trunks there were weeds, plants, shrubs and general mess!
Look at it now! There is now a path down the middle leading to the wool shed. The wool shed has big things happening to  it next year hopefully, and it won't look like this at all at the front! There are bi-fold doors going in. 
Some newly planted yukkas line the path ( Thank you Kelly!) I planted 20 of these this afternoon. Once it gets a wee bit warmer I'll grass seed the earth except for a wee circle round the trees. I'm impatient to get this done.


  1. Indeed they are lovely ladies...thanks for posting pictures of them...Dawn

  2. Anonymous8:10 am

    They are such sweet little ladies. I am so envious!!

  3. A woolshed! Do you sometimes pinch yourself to see if this is all real! A shed full of wool - i love it! Love the chuck pictures too, they are very pretty gals!

  4. WendyJW11:17 am

    Your girls do look happy....and why shouldn't they when they live in such a great spot - and they have learnt how to feed themselves!!
    Will be interested to see what you have planned for the woolshed!


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