Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Continuing the seed theme ...

Like, Bridget, I've been doing a seed inventory. I found these, I have a vague recollection of someone giving them to me but I have no idea what they are! 
They are smallish, about the size of a large peppercorn. ( or a bit bigger!)
If no one knows, I'll just plant a couple to see what happens.


  1. Sorry, no idea.

    Bridget got me sorting my seeds too. Now I know what I NEED to order, rather than just ordering one of everything from those tantilising catalogues!

  2. I'm thinking some kind of bean ..
    let us know how it goes / grows.
    My husband is a mad keen seed collector and often comes home with seeds that he has collected from an interesting looking tree or two. Makes for an interesting yard I can tell you!

  3. sweetpeas i am thinking...

  4. Laura, they look like peas, maybe sweet pea seeds? They are often smaller than a normal eating pea, and tend to be darker in colour when dry?

  5. sweet peas!! Yes, that's what they are, I remember now! thanks everyone. xx


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