Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happiness Project - week 23

Happiness is...Uk Country Living Magazine! Oh how I love this magazine. I've been in NZ for five years now and have only really managed to find a copy when I've gone down to the "Big Smoke". However yesterday we were in PaperPlus, a mere 10 minutes away, and they had one!!! Not only that, but they are going to keep one for me each month and phone me when it arrives. Oh Happy Days. I am grinning from ear to ear.



  1. Please dont think I am just saying this..........but that magazine is MY FAVOURITE MAGAZINE. The British one is so much nicer than the Australian one....
    I LOVE IT...
    Happy Reading...you look like you have a new issue, the last one I have is May, ...I will have to go and see if my local newsagent has got the newer one in...x Suzanne

  2. I think this is july! which I am gobsmacked at, as normally when I manage to find it it's at least 3 months behind!
    I've not seen the Australian one, but I resorted to subscribing to the US one as it was incredibly cheap! It was ok, but not a patch on the Uk one. It's at my bedside ready for tonight :)

  3. Yes, you are lucky to have a near up to date one!...as you say, I am always a couple of months behind...enjoy.x

  4. I get the US version of Country Living,and have always enjoyed it. They jsut changed the format,which I like. There are a couple that I have dropped,but there is one that I loved and it went under...Cottage Living. I LOVED that magazine was very bummed when they stopped publishing it.

  5. This is the only magazine I subscribe to now. I like it also. Glad you have found a place to buy it.

  6. Anonymous2:39 am

    Like a Christmas present every month!


  7. That is so nice of the store! Very exciting.

  8. So fun and inspiring.

  9. country living is the BEST! i wish i could enjoy a UK one. im gonna look for one!


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