Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rarotonga continued...

Best holiday ever!

Day 5 Wednesday

Lazed by the pool, snorkelled, swam, got an amazing pedicure! ( thank you Stacey) Went on a tattoist hunt, Found his wife and stayed playing with their pigs for ages!

Lloyd barbequed some delicious steak for dinner. Drank Mojitos.

Day 6 Thursday
Picked Danny and Paula up at the airport, Drank champagne! Went to cafĂ© Tahiti for a lunch of sashimi, carpaccio and other raw fish delights. Lazed around on the beach and saw whales jumping right out of the water! then took DandP back to the airport to fly home 
Rarotonga is the place where you can stand nearest to a plane landing, so we stopped at the roadside and when a plane landed it flew right over the top of us  - it was actually a little frightening!
Went to Trader Jacks for dinner and watched whales breaching as the sun set. Bliss


 Day 7 Friday

Went on the island safari, It was totally ace. It was a tropical rain ‘storm’ when we left but they had waterproofs so we all got  kitted out. Didn’t need them for too long as the rain stopped and the sun came out. Drove all round the island in land rovers and learned about how people first arrived here, and their marae. Our driver had just been appointed chief of his village so he was really proud of the honour.
Had an amazing lunch of barbequed sword fish, then came home and walked along the beach until we got too hot!

Then we had the “World Petanque” champoinships! Basically it’s a wee party with champagne and nibbles arranged by the resort ( our resort is teeny!) there were 8 couples playing and it was really good fun. L and I were the overall winners! We were given lovely prizes – how nice was that!

Finished off the evening at The Waterline and watched the most amazing sunset I have ever seen while drinking Pina Coladas.



  1. Anonymous12:39 pm

    it does sound (and look!) like bliss.

  2. How amazing! Wonderful pictures! I love the sunsets!

  3. Sounds like you are really enjoying yourselves!

  4. Awwww so envious! That sunset is absolutely stunning! I bet you'll be daydreaming about this holiday for a long time...

  5. those sunset shots are incredible. i love the clouds.


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