Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rarotonga ~ home again.

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Day 8 Saturday
Market day 
 We were at the market bright and early to get some breakfast.
Then back to our ‘house’ for a very long, brilliant snorkel. Best one yet. We saw so many tropical fish it was just like swimming around in someone’s fish tank. Lots of reading after that, then a drive back to The Waterline for sunset cocktails and dinner at the PawPaw Patch. Home and in bed by 8.30pm 

 (We have an underwater casing for our camera because we're both pretty keen divers - just not that great at underwater photography!) 

Day 9 Sunday ( last day  )
I am as sad as a sad thing it’s our last day today. We leave at 5am tomorrow morning. So  what did we do? Well, we snorkelled a lot! It was just amazing, lay in the sun then went out for dinner to drown our sorrows that it was our last night. Neither one of us is ready to leave yet.

It was rather apt that there was another glorious sunset to see us on our way...

Till next year...

I’m sitting typing this in the Sky City Grand in Auckland ( it’s a really lovely hotel!) had a safe journey back. We’ll drive back up north tomorrow morning. 


  1. Gorgeous pictures. Vacations end too early, don't they?

  2. Glad you both had a lovely holiday, that is what they are all about. xo

  3. Oh wow, look at your pictures! I have never been there but would love to go.

    About blog width, check out this link...


    This is what I used last time I was trying to expand column widths. From memory, it worked, but I forgot about it this time round till your comment :)

  4. What a beautiful place to vacation. Glad you had such a wonderful and relaxing time.

  5. ~*~Beautiful pics!Sounds like a wonderful and peaceful time~*Thanks for stopping by my blog!;) Blessings,Rachel~*~*

  6. it did end too soon, home now though - to the pelting rain!
    Thanks, I'll have a wee look at that width link and see if I can understand how to do it!


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