Thursday, August 26, 2010

So much to do!

And I'm not sure why! 
While we were away we had house sitters and thy did the most fabulous job and when we came home the house was immaculate and they had made bread and left 3 jars of home made marmalade, 2 happy dogs and one somewhat chubbier ( incredibly happy)  dog! I had done a lot of clothes washing by hand on holiday so only had a small amount to wash once we got home... or so I thought! I've got three HUGE loads of washing to do, a lawn to cut ( about 4 acres!) which I have now done. A cottage and water pump with no electricity (wah!!), a duck to take to the vet, a shop to get in, dinner to make, and loads of bits and bobs.

A visit from our lovely electrician later and he discovered that the electricity had been turned off at the main switch at the cottage ( that I didn't even know existed!) so that was easy - thankfully there had been a lot of rain while we were away because without the pump on the water troughs don't get filled. In the process of all this I lost one of the beautiful black pearl ear rings lloyd bought me from Rarotonga. I thought how could it have fallen out? Then I realised that the only time could have been when I took off the ear defenders I had on while mowing the grass when the plumber arrived. I retraced my steps back to the mower and grovelled around in the grass and guess what? I found it!! How amazingly lucky was that.

One load of washing drying, one in machine, duck back from vets, foot infected again - bad news, may be into the bone - 2 weeks of antibiotics, not easy giving them to a duck! and then a wait and see sort of thing.

It's 4.20pm and I havent even had any lunch yet.
 I'll need another holiday to get over today. heehee

Tomorrow I'm doing fun stuff though, I bought a wee plastic green-house thing that I can put all my seed pots into and it can stay on the deck. So I'll be making lots of paper pots in the morning then planting out all the seeds for our summer veggies. I love doing this. 


  1. ~*~*Wow Laura you sound like a very busy lady!! And how sweet it is that you have a pet duck!! We have a little duck couple that visits us for a few months out of the year..they are just precious~*Love your blog..Rachel ;)~*~*

  2. thanks Rachel :) I have really got 7 ducks, but wee Hoppy is a cutie.
    Do you have a pond or something that the ducks like to visit?
    thanks for stopping by, I lied your blog too!

  3. you always impress fortitude and fun loves go check out the new look Mollie it will make you smile for sure - pearl in the grass a perfect symbol of L & L xxx

  4. Phew... I sometimes wonder why we ever go on holiday. How lucky to find the earring - I'm sure your day would have been thoroughly spoiled if you hadn't!
    Teresa x

  5. What a busy, full day you had. I hope your sweet duck mends nicely and soon. So glad you found your earring. That's like finding a needle in a haystack. That is a happy ending for sure.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, and getting seeds planted in your little greenhouse.


  6. Anonymous4:07 am

    Sounds like a crazy, busy day. Glad you found the earring.

  7. Hope wee Hoppy recovers. (would love to see a clip of you trying to give antibiotics to a duck!). Glad you found your earring too. I've lost a silver pendent Hubby gave me and I haven't 'fessed up yet.

  8. Love the Andy Warholesque print on your wall! Take it the gorgeous dog is one of yours?

    Ah yes, the busy. Never enough hours in the day. Still find time to blog though!

    Hope your wee duck mends quickly :)

    And let me know what you think of your new greenhouse. Am watching our likes a hawk for the first signs of life!

  9. Fi it's Bob, my baby. :)
    I have just this minute finished making up the wee greenhouse and planted out my seeds. I just got the little 2 shelf one and I think it's brilliant. I'll let you know when seeds appear...if they appear!


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