Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm rich!

well..ok...not quite, but I have made my first $20 from selling eggs. I am the Donald Trump of Ohaeawai! ( only with better hair, female and without a tower. That's just for starters, I'm sure there are many more non-likenesses I have to Donald Trump...thankfully!)

Well happy though.

Also Hoppy has had her first lot of antibiotics. Only 27 more lots of finely crushing a miniscule tablet, adding water, syringing it all up, traipsing to "Duck Sick Bay", lifting whole sick bay up, getting the bed part out, getting Hoppy out of the bed part, holding her as best I can while Lloyd puts the syringe as far down her throat as possible, watching while some of the liquid gets spat out, putting syringe further down throat, putting Hoppy back in bed, putting bed back in sick bay, putting sick bay back together. Joy. I'm not even sure she appreciates it, poor wee thing.


  1. WooHoo!! Lunch is on Laura, everyone!!

  2. Congrats! I bet Donald Trump started small, too!

  3. Lunch sounds good to me. Well done Laura! It reminds me of Ma in Little House on the Prairie with the precious "egg money"!

  4. im smiling ear to ear at the picture of duck sick bay...
    happy to tempt you with the crochet will send you an email which may get you going sooner than xmas - its alot easier than looking after hoppy for sure!!

  5. Yay, for the egg son sold eggs to the lady at the bakery down the road when he was 5.
    He saved enough money to buy a bike!!!!!!!
    You can buy a bell for your bike!!!!
    lol.....Fantastic news at my house, we got an egg yesterday, a pointy rather small egg, but an egg none the less.........then baby m dropped it on the way up to the

  6. Much, MUCH better hair!
    And I forgot to say, I will be selling any surplus chicks once they've grown a wee bit. I'll let you know.

  7. Congratulations! ;-)

  8. Hi,
    Could you tell me where you got your egg tray. I really like that. It looks like it holds a dozen eggs.

  9. ~*~congrats Laura! That is wonderful~*~ Love your blog~*~Rachel

  10. whoo hoo a wee pointy egg is better than no wee pointy egg. Shame it got dropped, but I've done that too - yesterday I mowed right over the top of a duck egg - they lay them any old place!
    Ok lunch is on me!

  11. OOo well keep me in mind please - I love light sussex and the lacy ones.

    Roxie I got it from a shop called Intec in Whangarei in New Zealand! Im guessing this isn't much help to you!
    It does hold 12 eggs.


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