Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spring is sprung...almost

There is so much going on in the garden. I was out for a walk just now and even noticed that the willow trees have small leaves on them. Looking over to our neighbours I can see a tinge of green on their trees and I spied leaves on the oak tree!
The plumb blossom on 'dad's' tree is coming out

The later daffodils  - the ones we just planted this year are out and flowering, in fact loads of them are past

Our wild flower bed, that we seeded a while back, has loads of things coming up, these are the only flowers flowering just now, but there are so many other things appearing. I have high hopes for it!

And this... well this isn't exactly a spring flower, it's on a wee bush down at mum and dad's house, but I know mum will be pleased to see it flowering.

So mum, the purple ones are for you!

Did more seed planting this morning as well. I was going to put all my Aldermans peas straight into the ground, but in hind sight I thought it would be better to put them into individual pots then I can space them properly.


  1. Oh, the Plumb Blossom, lovely. I do love both Cherry Blossom & Plumb Blossom. Your time of year though sounds just like the time (or maybe it has just been) when I get hay fever! Tree Pollen and/or Daffs!! You go into spring as we go into Autumn big hugs and kisses to you my lovelies....

  2. Gorgeous shots of beautiful flowers!

  3. Laura's Mum9:40 pm

    Your spring pictures are lovely. I think it's still summer here although it
    is getting darker much earlier now. The sun is shining just now but heavy
    rain is forecast for later. Must go and get dressed - for rain or shine????

  4. Carol8:24 pm

    I really enjoy looking at the the photos you take.


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