Friday, August 27, 2010

Seeds planted!

I've just spent a lovely afternoon making numerous paper pots with my amazing pot making gadget

Then I set up my wee pretendy greenhouse. ( with thanks to Fi, who gave me the idea to get one) At first I didn't understand how it wouldn't just fall apart when it was moved as all the poles just fell out, then I realised you're supposed to push them in really hard - then they stay in place - doh! It looks great.

After that I planted out so many seeds.
I did three different types of heirloom tomato, aubergines, sweetorn, gem squash, courgettes, various chillis ( as well as last years chillis I potted to over winter them inside) beans ( most of the beans and peas go into the ground come spring) and some other stuff! I just hope I have room in the veggie garden for them all - it's still got a lot of winter stuff that's not really ready yet! Argh!

This may be all I'll plant early, I think everything else can just go straight into the ground. It'll be interesting to see how I get on with the chillis. None of my seeds germinated last year. We had to buy plants.


  1. Oh,You're organised! I'm starting to get excited about the garden again, but a trip back home to Scotland beckons a week on Sat and I'm sure there will be another frost in CHCH before Sept is out. So I'll have to bide my time. Your greenhouse is very sweet ;)

  2. Your little greenhouse is cute, and pretty soon you'll have lots of seedlings.


  3. Oooh I want to grow heirloom tomatoes. Must get them in for planting out Labour Weekend...

  4. WendyJW9:35 am

    Hi Laura - I've just seen that you are back from your holidays and I'm catching up on your posts! Looks like you had a great time. I just wanted to say too - thanks for the link back to the pot maker gizmo. When I followed it I realised you had made more comments about purchasing which I missed. I followed one, and ordered one on-line which hopefully will be here by Sunday (Fathers Day) as a gift for my husband. This is kindof sneaky as I want it for myself and my seedlings Thanks again for your offer of help.

  5. hey Wendy! great news! Lucky hubby - heehee! So I see it's you that does the gardening in your house as well, then! :)

  6. WendyJW2:04 pm

    Well yes - at the moment anyhow. He used to and is still keen but work has been taking up most of his daylight hours lately. so I have taken over the Chief Gardener hat,and as we have a pretty large garden (as you do too) I've been flat out making the most of spring weather. I don't garden when it's hot! I'm looking forward to some therapy of paper pot making :)


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