Sunday, September 19, 2010

Donkey feet.

All went well. Our farrier is just so lovely with the donks. ( Even though Jojo bit him quite badly one time) Rachel is absolutely great. However, consensus of opinion is that Joseph is going blind. Poor wee lamb. He is about 103 though. Phil ( farrier) is so gentle with him, talking to him and putting him at his ease so he's not frightened.
Jospeh spends quite a lot of time lying resting in the sun now, really flat out, L and I have several panics each day thinking he's dead. It's terribly sad, but he still seems to have a decent life. I'm sure there will be some decisions to be made at some time.
So if anyone has any advice about looking after a very old donkey... 

But look, he's smiling!

I'm just back from a wander around with my camera. Lots of lovely photos to be had, like the one of Candy eating her moozlee and Lachie lying down beside her, 2 faces close together - it would have been gorgeous, but after 2 donkey pics the battery ran out and I'm definitely not organised enough to have the spare one charged and in my bag! (poop)

We have a friend who is a chef and runs a restaurant. He's cheffing at "The Long Lunch" today, so Lloyd and Vanessa are doing Sunday Lunch at the restaurant! Which is pretty exciting!


  1. Anonymous10:16 am

    Sorry, I don't know much about donkies. I am however, an expert when it comes to jack asses!!

  2. yeah! Especially after this morning by the sounds of it!! xxx

  3. you could email my sister Rowan, she had owned and cared for donkeys her whole life she might have some advice. Let me know Laura if you want her address.

  4. Sue, I would love that.
    My email is
    if you can email me her address that would be great, thanks x

  5. The last time I came in contact with a donkey it bit me trying to get a carrot out of my hand.


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