Saturday, September 18, 2010

Massive Storm...

Didn't really reach us up here.
Further ( I know it should be farther but it just looks wrong!)  south they've had a real hammering but we just had a bit of wind. It was pretty windy, but nothing major compared to what we've had in the past.
However there were severe weather warnings all over the place so I thought I should take some precautions...
heehee! Yes, the roof could blow off the house but so long as my veggie seedlings were ok!

The roses I got a few months ago are coming along nicely, which pleases me no end, I can't wait to pick flowers. I bought really aromatic ones.

This is our wild flower bed, can you imagine what it's going to look like in the summer! Can't wait. Below is what it looked like a couple of months ago.
I've already seen loads of bees buzzing around the flowers that are out.

I also had large planters at the sides of the stairs leading up the the verandah, I was sure the flowers were annuals, but they've flowered all winter. Just goes to show how mild it's been this year.

Right, now off to brace ourselves for the farrier coming to do the donkeys feet. Rachel is no bother at all, Joseph is a different ball game all together. He's old and stiff and a poor wee soul really and he HATES getting his feet done. Wish us luck.


  1. Of course you can nick the photo of Lloyd.

    As you are getting into spring, we are getting into Autumn. Although the sky is really blue here and it is still really pretty, the temperature has dropped and I think coats are going to start getting worn here!

  2. thank you!!

    Coats? What are they????

  3. I really like the wild flower bed. I might try that next spring and summer.

  4. WendyJW11:37 am

    Garden looking lovely - you've put in a lot of work - and it shows.
    I like the safety belts on the greenhouses!! That's good news that they weren't really needed.
    Big rain coming our way tonight apparently and lots more through to Oct.

  5. Save the seedlings!! I like a girl with priorities.

  6. Your garden is lovely, and I love the buckled in hot houses:)

    Would you tell us please what you have in your wild garden ?

  7. oh Nanette, now you're asking. There's cornflowers and these!
    * Aquilegia -Granny's bonnet
    * Campanula-Canterbury bells of Holland
    * Cheiranthus-English wallflower
    * Cynoglossum - Chinese Forget-Me-Not
    * Dianthus-cottage pinks
    * Eschscholzia-Californian poppy Brilliant
    * Eschscholzia-Californian poppy White Linen
    * Gaillardia-Blanket flower
    * Hesperis-Dames rocket
    * Linum-Blue flax
    * Salvia-Blue bedder
    * Gilia-Birds eyes
    * Gypsophila- Babys breath
    * Silene-Viscaria
    ( copied from the website we got the seeds from)

  8. Good luck with Joseph! Alpaca toenails are a nightmare, so I feel your pain (mumndad have alpacas and I always get roped in to help) :)

  9. Isn't everywhere south of you??? I'm relaxing into spring a bit more than the last couple of weeks and your blog is helping to remind me of all the good things about spring - cause all it is at the moment is earthquakes and cold weather. I'm so jelous of all your growing. Bur no snow or storm for us thankfully, that would be the final straw.

  10. Laura, thanks for taking the time to name and list all those lovely flowers......some I haven't even heard of, but I'm going to look them up.

    Did you just take 'pot luck' and pick flowers you liked the look of, or plan it all carefully.....either way, it's beautiful.

  11. Nanette, we found a supplier of wild flower seeds online and looked at what they had to offer then chose the packets with the flowers we most wanted! Not planned at all!
    It was quite expensive as we needed 5 packets for this tiny area, but supposedly once you've got the bed it will self seed year after year - here's hoping!


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