Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Egg Glut

As I type this we’re having a power cut. I’ve no idea how long it’s going to last, but we’re so self sufficient here it’s not a problem. Only real downer is we can’t flush the loo, as we’re on rainfall water and it doesn’t get to the house without a pump. We’ve seriously considered buying an old diesel generator because we get a fair amount of power cuts – especially in winter – but we seem to manage so well we’ve never bothered.

Anyhoo! We have an egg glut. These are just the eggs from the last 3 days – and we’ve been eating them, selling them and giving them away. Tonight we’re going to make pasta. Homemade pasta and broad beans from the garden, some herbs and a bit of parmesan. Yum yum..  Can you freeze home made pasta I wonder? If so we’ll make a lot. When the power comes back I’ll do a bit of research.
Also on the egg front, Hoppy the duck was in sick bay again for 10 days. She’s much better now so she’s out and about with her pals, but the good thing from her being there is that she got into the habit of laying her eggs in the wee house part. So I’m getting a fairly regular supply of duck eggs, which is nice. I hope she keeps doing it.

Even though things are warming up outside, especially today where it’s a humid damp 20 degrees ( so feels hotter) I’m still not going to plant basil in the herb garden just in case we get a cold snap. So I planted some in a pot and we’ve got it in the kitchen. If there’s one herb we go through it’s basil. We both love it. I’m hoping this lot will do us until I can go mad with it outside.

( power back ~ we were the only people affected! It was old fuses blown out at the road. Lovely Top Energy men came and fixed it - we gave them a dozen eggs each so we're all very happy!)


  1. You certainly can freeze pata although it is nicer when cooked fresh. I will think of you both tonight. I have a neighbour who makes fresh pasta, and lucky me, is given some! Silky smooth just beautiful. The hens must be very happy at the moment.

  2. Egg glut here too. Hubby took 3 doz into his work yesterday to sell and they were snapped up with orders for more! Are Bubble and Squeak laying yet? My two Houdans from the same hatching are.

    We've got a generator here, but as yet haven't felt the need to pull it out (mindyou, we have a longdrop so no flushing required!)

  3. At least you got rid of some eggs!!!
    Just went to buy basil, couldnt get any........grrrrr.
    Bought four different tomatoes, a capsicum and some more lettuce , oh and some sweet corn seeds...
    Yes, you can freeze pasta Laura, definately...my husbands rellies used to give it to us, ( good to have Italian connections...) and she would put it in a normal freezer bag.
    Have fun, ..I have an Italian rice slice that uses heaps of eggs if you want? Its not savoury, its a sweet they make at Easter time...

  4. Glad to hear your power is back on! Nothing more frustrating then that sometimes. :-)

    your basil looks great. I've been wanting to try to grow herbs inside for awhile now. May have to try it out soon.

    Have a great week!


  5. I know this must sound like a dumb question but does a duck egg taste like a chicken egg?

  6. ~*I love how self sufficient you are! I always get really nervous when we lose power!lol..so kind of you to give eggs to the workers too~~*Rachel :)

  7. We are also only on Tank water and wouldn't have it any other way. :)

    We have a no Electricity day here every Wednesday, on purpose, and what I do is keep a couple of 20 litre containers, with taps on them. That way when someone does need to flush we just use a 2 litre jug and flush it down that way. Keeps the smell down :)

    HTH Damaris

  8. I don't know about freezing pasta, but you can dry it and store it that way - I think.....

    Hope you made it through your power outage okay!

  9. I'm envious....you have lots of delicious, beautiful eggs, your basil is coming along, and you're entering spring. Ahhh, so much to look forward to! Enjoy!


  10. MMmmm Italian rice slice sounds lovely - I would really like the recipe!

    Christine - yep, a duck egg tastes like a chicken egg, but I think they are a bit richer.

    Liz, I know this is coming up for my favourite time of year, I love it when I see leaves coming through in the trees and flowers coming up.

  11. have you thought about making preserved eggs (century eggs)?? you could call it an experiment or an adventure... yum to the pasta?

  12. oops i think i used a question mark instead of an exclamation previously - these look the business
    maybe you could roll them out for sandwich night
    im sure you could subsitute the tamarind soup with paste maybe as the original recipe should???

  13. Power cuts are are pain in the butt! This winter is the first we haven't really had any since we moved up north. The first two years we seemed to have them every week!

    Good luck finding recipes for all your eggs :)

  14. Bella I had a look online when your first comment came in and I thought - ew! But I looked at the link and that recipe does look good. Pasta is made - we had a right laugh!

  15. yes teeny tiny beautiful white eggs. Have been for about three weeks now.

  16. Laura, here is the recipe, it uses 6 eggs at a time...
    So, it may help!

    Oh, and remembering it is for an Italian 'do', it makes heaps!!!

    1/2 pound of rice
    6 eggs
    1/2 pint of milk
    6 ounces of sugar
    vanilla and nutmeg

    cook rice in salted water, drain
    place in a dish,?? great instructions...I used a flat roasting pan, put some baking paper on the bottom.
    beat eggs well, add milk, sugar and vanilla mix well and pour over rice, stirring through.
    Sprinkle nutmeg on top.
    bake in moderate oven, when the skewer comes out dry, it is cooked.
    Riccota can be mixed through if you wish.

  17. oh yummy! OK that's a definite!
    Is it short grain rice?

    Ms Lottie - I published your comment about the wee campines, but its gone into the ether! How odd

  18. I think that would work just fine Laura.
    Happy Hen Fruit Cooking.....x


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