Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Who would have thought making pasta was so much fun!

Lloyd and I were attempting to follow Jamie Oliver's pasta recipe but we sort of changed it a wee bit too. Ours was far too dry so we added some milk. We did the food mixer part but it didn't really work for us. Then we used the Kitchen Aid with the dough hook and much hilarity ensued. The bowl wasn't on tight enough so it sort of came flying off. We actually have it on video - honest - but it's too embarassing to post.

Anyway we did manage to make some pasta and I have to say I totally enjoyed it! We made double the recipe so will freeze half. Lloyd has just said he rather likes it hanging from the drying pulley, but it's probably not that hygienic to leave it there for any length of time!
(My Lovely Husband - who just walked past and laughed his head off when he saw this!)

 fab use of a drying pulley!

Once the pasta was made we ventured out to the veggie garden and got the last of the broad beans - there are actually loads!

In the middle of the beans was a beautiful, perfectly formed, ducks' nest. Aha, so that's where 2 of the ducks keep disappearing off to. I took the eggs in and put them in a bowl of water ~ they all immediately sunk straight to the bottom so they're fresh. I felt a bit guilty taking them away.

Lloyd is just about to start cooking the pasta...

Now, if only we could make our own flour...


  1. Probably easier to make your mound of flour and pop the eggs in the middle one at a time and mix it with a knife....and knead it like bread.........less dangerous perhaps....food is great fun...so it should be, the amount of time we take preparing it...!!!!!!!

  2. It was brilliant! Next time we make a kilo, and freeze the excess! Tasted good, too! In fact, fresh pasta with just butter and seasoning is quite wonderful.

  3. Great looking pasta! I read books and books on the subject years ago, then never made it. It looks fabulous!


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