Monday, September 13, 2010

First artichokes of the season

We transplanted them last year. They used to be in the donkey paddock, but it wasn't really practical and there were far too many of them! So we transplanted what we need and put them round the avocado orchard. When they started to grow the ducks, unfortunately, ate them and stamped all over them so we had to close off that area and now they've grown up beautifully. The plants are so healthy looking.
This morning Lloyd picked the first couple and they are gorgeous!

the easiest way is
put into boiling water with a splash of vinegar.
Simmer for about 20 mintutes
When the outside woodiest leaves come off with a gentle tug,  serve on a plate with a bowl of melted garlicy butter.
Remove the leaves one by one and dip in the butter then scrape the fleshy bit with your teeth!
By the time you reach the middle, you'll have had almost enough. Scrape out the hairy choke and throw it away. Underneath it is the best bit - the heart. Dip in garlicy butter and eat before any one else can!


  1. ~*~ They look pretty and pretty yummy...~*~* ;) Rachel

  2. Laura, How do you cook them?
    They're mighty pretty.

  3. there you go! I just added how we cook and eat them.

  4. Great, ours are producing well too plus I have transplanted a few 'pups'.

  5. I saw my first artichokes growing this year - in a public street container. I'm definitely going to try them next year. They look awesome!

  6. oo one of ours had got a huge 'pup' I just noticed it this morning, so we'll transplant it.

    I should also have said that if you leave a couple they will turn into the most amazing flowers.

  7. Fresh, new artichokes with a little lemon, olive oil and some freshly ground pepper. yum!

  8. Wow those are early artichokes, my plants are rather large, but no flowers stalks yet, looking forward to them though


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