Friday, September 10, 2010


day today...a proper spring day. Blue skies with white fluffy clouds, warm enough to wear a t-shirt, the smell of cut grass in the air ( took me 2 hours to make that happen!) and things growing so fast you can almost hear them! I love love love spring!

Platanus × hispanica or London Plane.
I, however, think it should be known henceforth as the pom pom tree. Suits it far better.

this is just some moss that's growing on one of our acers.

and some more Pixie blossom for luck.


  1. WendyJW4:15 pm

    just gorgeous photos Laura! Very spring-ified:}

  2. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Oh, your photographs make me miss Spring!!! I don't want my summertime to end, I love warm weather. As we're looking fall in the face, I know that winter is close behind and I dread it. I'll visit your blog often to get glimpses of fair weather.

    Liz in Oklahoma, USA


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