Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guess what it's going to be

After the last few days of gorgeousness and hours and hours in the garden, it's raining today - I'm actually rather happy about it as all the food I've put round the plants will get watered in nicely. It's supposed to be nice again in a couple of days.
So today, I took advantage of the not so good weather and went down to Whangarei. I bought some fabric to make a table cloth for our new outside table. We're having a crowd round on Tuesday because it's Lloyd's birthday and whether we eat outside or not, we'll still have to use the new table cos there's too many people to sit round our little one!

I hemmed the fabric when I got home so that's the table cloth done.


I haven't done any of this for ages!
I have a cunning plan...

As I'm sitting here typing this I can see the ducks through the french doors, wandering round the grass, in perfect formation, heads down, searching for tasty things to eat, they never fail to amuse me!


  1. oh god I can just tell it's going to be magnificent xx

  2. It's been raining here in Auckland too today. Roll on the weekend sunshine :)

  3. Sooo humid today. Wish it would make its mind up....

    You're so clever! Can't wait to see how it turns out....

  4. Would love to see the tablecloth when you finish it. Hope you have good weather for your gathering.


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