Thursday, September 30, 2010


We had fun and games yesterday evening.
The cows were in a paddock, safely munching away, or so we thought, when suddenly our neighbour came rushing over to let us know that some of them were last seen merrily running down the middle of State Highway 1. Now for those of you not in New Zealand I should point out that SH1 is the main road that runs the length of the country- by the time it gets up here is is not, however, anything like the M25. More like a 2 lane road. The cars, do drive like it's the M25. The worst of it was not only were three of them out of here - some of the others were still escaping. What they'd done was chomp their way through firstly a fence, then 10m of wild ginger - this stuff is usually impenetrable! 
Lloyd started to run down Sh1 but he realised by this time the cows were off the road and in someones driveway.
He ran back here and helped me get the others that had escaped back into our paddocks, then we had to quickly move them to a new paddock so they didnt just keep coming out. After that we zoomed down to find the other three.
Thankfully some of our most amazing neighbours had got them safely into one of their paddocks, so all we had to do now was get them back home - from half a km away - down SH1!
I will be forever grateful to our lovely neighbours who spent about 2 hours with us moving them slowly back home - I thought the scariest bit would be making the moos cross the road, but by this time we were like a well oiled machine, flagging down cars - who all slowed down beautifully - and walking the cows back across, then back up our drive and home again.
They are all munching away in another paddock, totally unfazed by their wee adventure.
We went back to the neighbours and gave them all bottles of wine and eggs to say thank you - it really doesn't seem like nearly enough - there is no way we could have done it without their help. But if they ever need any help with anything L and I will be the first to volunteer.

(Mum, don't read the next bit, it's a surprise!)
The annoying thing is since moving here we have spent a king's ransom in getting the fences all back in tip top condition, obviously not that bit! Thankfully the fencer is coming next week to do a new fence down to The Acorn, so he said he will put in a new fence at the 'escape point'. 

Jeez who would have thought keeping cows was so stressful!

Here are 2 of the culprits

Skinnymalinky and Star. Butter wouldn't melt - yeh right!
I'm having palpitations just thinking about it!


  1. always thought that skinnymalinky had a rather special twinkle in its eye... sheesh i can imagine your panic, just really super pleased it all worked out and you even managed some extra neighbour bonding to boot!! loves and licks

  2. Oh dear!
    We've had our fair share of escape artists too, but nothing on that scale and we're a long way from any major roads!
    Really gives you a reminder that the fences (mind you ours have opened the gates..)have to be super secure.
    At least there were no accidents!

  3. Anonymous8:54 am

    How can you possibly think it was them. They have such innocent faces!!

  4. My goodness such beautific and innocent cows. Tee hee. Such nice neighbors you have! I'm glad everyone got home safely!

  5. Its always the innocent looking ones you have to watch out for - well done on a safe return!

  6. Buggers! :D

    Haha verification word 'ropeth' perhaps one should have got a lasso and ropeth them cattle! ahha

  7. Ergh! Yup, had lots of escapees here too. Just spent the morning chasing 4 baby bunnies back into their cage, but thankfully no highways around here. (and if a bunny WAS hit by a car, there's a lot less mess than a cow)

  8. Your'a a real farmer..........!!!!!

  9. I am a real farmer! :)

    Sue we did think of the rope thing, but they are actually really tame and I reckon the rope would have freaked them out more.
    Mel, I know it was them!!!! And Bella, he does, the wee rascal!
    ( did you see the bit about the new fence to the Acorn - next time you come it'll have a driveway down to it.)

    I dread to think what would have happened if one of them had run into a car.

  10. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Cow and yorkies! Must be related! Tootie scoots out the door fast as lightening and takes off will nilly like a bucking bronc out of the shoot. You're lucky no one hit one of your cows and killed it. Livestock is expensive, not to mention the damage a 500 lb animal does to the front end of a car, LOL. So glad that all's well that ends well!


  11. Why didn't you get a video of the whole adventure? I would liked to have seen Mr. and Mrs. Farmer bringing in the cows. Ha.

  12. That is such a kiwi thing to do, retrieve the cows from the main drag and have all the neighbours turn out to help you! Ah, nostalgia!

  13. Cows never miss an opportunity to go for a nosy. At my last house if they got out, they liked to lick the windows of the house and scratch their behinds on my car :-)

  14. OMG naughty cows! Glad you got them all back safe and sound! also what lovely neighbours helping you out. Georgina x


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